January 3, 2016

Avalanche Danger Warning

Dangerous to very dangerous avalanche conditions exist in Chugach State Park.  Travel in avalanche terrain is not recommended.

If visiting areas of Chugach State Park above 1000′ in elevation proceed with caution and be aware of avalanche danger.  Even if you’re not on snow, be mindful of what’s around you!  Avalanches may release naturally from above with no warning.

Strong winds continue to hammer the mountains of Chugach State Park and ongoing, rapid wind loading was observed Saturday.  Rain, snow showers, and warm temperatures have also further stressed the snowpack.

Numerous natural avalanches have been observed throughout Chugach State Park.  In the Front Range, a natural avalanche covered part of the Flattop Trail.  In the Eagle River valley, natural avalanches in steep, cross-loaded gullies were observed that possibly ran up to 2000′ and down to as low as 1500′ in elevation.

Avalanche danger in Chugach State Park is expected to remain elevated into Monday.

Avalanche danger region-wide is also elevated with dangerous to very dangerous avalanche conditions in many areas, from the Talkeetnas to the Kenais.

An avalanche fatality was reported on the Willow Side of Hatcher Pass Saturday.

Check AlaskaSnow.org for the latest statewide avalanche information.