January 20, 2014

Avalanche Outlook for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (1/20/14)

Issued 1/19/14 @ 9:30pm


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The lowdown:

If winds increase as forecast and again become strong, expect the avalanche danger to increase back to considerable for Monday.  If winds don’t intensify as much as expected, or remain light to moderate in some areas as was the case Sunday, the avalanche danger will be moderate.



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Recent intense winds have been predominantly from the SE and are expected to remain this way at higher elevations through Monday.  Be on the lookout for some of the typical clues to wind slab problems: blowing snow, shooting cracks, areas of denser snow, fat or pillowy areas of snow that look loaded, etc.


Click here to learn more about this type of avalanche problem and how to manage it

The persistent slab problem is dwindling and such avalanches are becoming harder and less likely to be triggered, but don’t write this problem off yet – it still lurks.  Expect it to be the most suspect and dangerous at mid to upper elevations.  Wind loading will be the most likely stressor, besides human triggers, but if rain or above freezing temperatures manifest expect these to be additional stressors.

Mountain Weather:

Monday: Partly cloudy with moderate to strong SE winds and isolated snow showers in the morning.

R.I.P. Dr. King.  Thank you for changing America; it was greatly needed.  Please help us continue the process!

I have a dream: that there will be skiing to be had to celebrate the life and love of one of America’s greatest Mahatmas

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