March 20-21, 2014

Observed avalanche danger Tuesday & Wednesday, March 18-19, 2014:


The danger is decreasing but big, continuously steep terrain hasn’t been assessed and may be harboring lingering wind slabs.  The sun has yet to have any noteworthy affect on avalanche danger besides creating superficial sun crusts (firnspiegel) in some places.

Expected avalanche danger Thursday & Friday, March 20-21, 2014:


Quiescent weather is forecast to continue through the weekend; avalanche danger should thus continue to decrease.  Expect the danger to be at the low end of moderate for Thursday and Friday, primarily for lingering wind slabs on steep upper elevation terrain.  Pockets of problematic wind slab should be relatively easy to identify by their appearance and feel: rounded/pillowy/bulbous and stiff/hollow.  The sun is not expected to have much of an affect on avalanche danger, but be mindful of warming and solar radiation contributing to instabilities on the most exposed aspects (South and West later in the day).

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