April 19, 2017


Indian Creek & Bird Country:

Obvious signs of instability (red flags):

  • Recent natural wet avalanches (loose and slab) on most aspects (with exception of NNW-NNE)
  • Rockfall triggered by warming


  • Sunny with calm wind and alpine temps from the mid 20s to mid 40s

Surface conditions:

  • Stout melt-freeze crust in the morning softening through the day, and becoming isothermal (depending on aspect and elevation) by afternoon
  • Dry, settled powder on upper elevation northerly aspects (ankle to boot-top deep foot penetration)


Numerous recent wet avalanches (up to D3 in size) on almost all aspects (except NNW to NNE), in many cases starting as wet loose (or point releases) and triggering wet slabs as they descend.  Largest avalanches on south aspects.

D3 wet avalanche S aspect Bidarka ~3200-2000′:

D2 wet avalanche S Bidarka ~3200-2900′:

Bird Ridge west bowls:

View south from Bird Ridge Overlook summit: