April 5, 2017


Front Range: Peak 3

Upper 2/3 had a couple inches of moist, creamy snow on a supportable base.  Lower 1/3 becoming isothermal.

Mostly cloudy to obscured skies, light wind, temps in the mid 30s.

Snowpit: 3130′, 300* WNW aspect, 30* slope, 110cm HS, CTM18Q2 & ECTN13 down 30cm (bottom layer of heavily faceted old snow surface from month long dry spell on firmer windpacked particles), CTH25 near ground on basal facets and depth hoar

Hardness profile:

110-98cm: 4F

98-80cm: F

80-65cm: 1F

65-63cm: 4F

63-55cm: 1F

55-45cm: 4F

45-42cm: 1F

42-0cm: 4F