April 7, 2017


North Fork Eagle River:

Obvious signs of instability (red flags):

  • Recent natural persistent slabs and wet loose avalanches on multiple aspects between 3000-7000′
  • Human triggered wind slab avalanche on steep northerly aspect at ~6000′
  • Collapsing (whumphing) on multiple aspects between 2500-4500′


  • Party cloudy skies with alpine temps from the upper 30s to lower 20s and calm wind.

Surface conditions:

  • Wet snow from warm temperatures below 3500′, developing a nasty crust with evening cooling.
  • Deep, dry powder on upper elevation terrain sheltered from the sun


Falling Water snowpit: ~4100′, 350* N aspect, 40* slope, 125cm HS, ECTP11SC down 45cm (5cm heavily faceted old surface snow from month long dry spell with a P hard wind slab below and 1F wind slab above.  Snowpack collapsed adjacent to where snowpit and tests were conducted.

Flank of human triggered soft wind slab (D1.5: down ~4″ at density change) on North Raina:

Eklutna area:

Wet loose, rollerball, and persistent slab activity in the Twin Peak areas (northerly, or highway, side).