April 9, 2017


South Fork – Eagle Lake & Lower Cantata area:

Obvious signs of instability (red flags):

  • Recent D1-D2 loose wet avalanches on solar aspects (generally starting as point releases from steep, rocky terrain – some entrained a lot of snow and ran over 2000′)
  • Recent D2 persistent slab avalanches (primarily on wind loaded, unsupported upper elevation terrain features)
  • Small, subtle collapses 4000-4500′ westerly aspect (same area as last weekend but smaller and more subtle)


  • Partly cloudy to obscured skies with some very light passing snow showers, sunny breaks, and generally light SE wind

Surface conditions:

  • Stout melt-freeze crust in the South Fork Valley and on solar aspects (softening limited due to cloud cover and breeze).  Isolated thin, vegetated areas becoming rotten and unsupportable by evening.
  • Boot-top deep, medium density, settled powder on northerly aspects (moderate sluffing)