December 17, 2016


Hunter Creek ice:

The creek is freezing up nicely with easy access to Lost in Space.  Things get more precarious beyond Lost in Space, but it was passable (without any submersion) to the amphitheater up the East Fork and to some 30-70 meter climbs shortly upstream of the West Fork.

Overlook: fat & juicy (WI3)

Trade Route: fat & juicy (WI3-)

Climb 3: lower curtain forming up but still thin (WI3+)

Lost in Space: fat & wonderful (WI4- on the left, WI2+ on the right)

Split Finish: thin, fun and interesting climbing; protection is run out, but solid (WI4)

Lost Chord: fat & wonderful (WI4+)

Harry’s: only lower curtains have formed; short but fat (WI3)

Amphitheater: disconnected segments; climbs haven’t fully formed

West Fork #1: fat & wonderful (WI3)

Looking upstream from Lost in Space:


Lost in Space:


Lost Chord:


East Fork: