December 26, 2016


Front Range: Peak 3-4

Red flags (obvious signs of instability):

  • Significant “whumph” (collapse) at top of Peak 4 (~4250′) heavily wind loaded WSW aspect
  • Significant shooting crack near where Peak 4 gully transitions to west face (~3800′ WSW aspect)


  • Mostly cloudy (a bit of very light snow around 4pm) with temps in the mid 20s and light SE wind

Surface conditions:

  • Highly variable: very thin snow cover, leeward terrain features and deposition areas hold what little snow there is, moist powder on wind slab, breakable wind slab, supportable wind slab, patches of boilerplate


  • Generally very thin and weak: very pronounced, faceted base with one or more layers of wind slab (varying hardness)

Powerline Valley:


Peak 4: