December 24, 2017

SS-ASu-D2-R2-I #avalanche at #HatcherPass today NW of the Pinnacle at ~5400’ S aspect. Upper crown up to ~4’ thick. Triggered two more pockets of thick wind slab as it descended. Path ~500’ total. 1F- wind packed (slab) on thin layer of facets (weak layer) overlying decomposing melt-freeze crust (bed surface). Third photo shows the upper skier triggered pocket and the other two pockets subsequently triggered. The skiers were traversing and ascending just below the rock band left of the upper wind slab pocket. The first skier made switchbacks along the upper lip of the wind slab pocket without incident. It released as the second skier ascended at his feet at the apex of the wind lip. Both skiers are OK (neither caught or carried). #Talkeetna #Mountains #Alaska #skiing

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