December 29, 2016


Eklutna River (ice):

Mad Dog: in, but thin, fine for top-roping (questionable protection for leading)

TJ Swann: forming up, but very thin, maybe top-rope-able

Ripple: plenty of fat ice all the way up, but the climber’s left lower curtain (steeper side) is still forming

Boonesfarm: the lower section has fattened up nicely and there is plenty of ice for climbing but the upper, steeper section is still thin

Annie Greensprings: climb-able and protect-able with some creativity (lower section of the curtain is thin and hollow, especially on the climber’s left), solid ice exists on the far climber’s right of the lower curtain from which one can traverse left into the center of the curtain about midway up where it is also solid and protect-able

Dam: it has opened up in places, and some ice has blown out, but there are still climb-able areas