December 30, 2015

Region: Anchorage Front Range
Location: Peak 3
Observer: Public

Route & General Observations

Standard Peak 3 ski run.

Avalanche details

Trigger Skier Aspect West Elevation 3700ft
Slope Angle 35deg Crown Depth 24in Width 150ft
Length 300ft

Observer Comments

“I was skiing just under the big rock crop on the lookers left of the pics and made a few hard turned and it all started moving. I was able to just stop to my right and stop on the cliff ridge and watch it all go by. It’s didn’t go very far but it was a lot of snow.

The depth was 18-24 inches at the thickest and basically ran the entire west face of the peak there in the pic. It was about 40-50 meters wide at the top and slid down 100 meters. It slid into an area with almost no snowpack and stopped. Was 3 maybe 5 feet deep at the thickest of the debris field, for the most part it was all spread out over windblown ice and tundra when it stopped and didn’t travel down into the narrow gully at the bottom.”


31 degree; wind gusts to 47mph.