December 6, 2016


Front Range:

General user submitted photos showing shooting cracks on a wind loaded terrain feature (generally the only areas currently with a “snowpack”) in Chugach State Park:

IMG_4197 IMG_4199

Turnagain Arm:

Climbed Easy Street, Freak Street, and Twin Pillars.

Easy Street left had relatively solid ice that seemed like it would offer decent protection, and the climb is filled in enough to get to the anchor without much hollow ice and bare rock.  Easy Street right is thinner; protection seemed like it might be questionable and the crux is making the top out over hollow ice and bare rock without much in the way of turf sticks.

Freak Street left also had relatively solid ice that seemed like it would offer decent protection.  The top out to the anchors is thin with hollow ice and some bare rock, but there are decent turf sticks.  The steeper, center line has what appeared to be solid ice but the top out over the bulge may be questionable due to thin ice and rock.  The other, moderate right line featured thin ice that may not be much more than verglas at the top.

Twin Pillars featured the most solid ice.  Above the steep curtain, the ice and snow may not protect well but there are decent sticks and the angle eases off considerably.

The ice on all climbs was a combination of plastic, hero sticks and brittle dinner plating depending on where the most recent water had been flowing.