February 12, 2016


Front Range – O’Malley Gully to False Peak

Red flags (obvious signs of instability):

  • Modest blowing snow and wind loading


  • Cloudy, and at times partially obscured, skies with intermittent light snowfall from passing showers
  • Temps in the mid 30s to mid 20s decreasing with elevation
  • Light to moderate NE wind

Surface conditions:

  • Rain-snow line at ~2400′ with fresh, wind-blown snow on generally supportable wind slab above (leeward terrain)
  • Mostly scoured to old, very hard wind slab, rocks, tundra etc. with a dusting of sticky fresh on windward aspects
  • Wet-moist surface snow below 2400′ with snowpack gradually becoming more deeply saturated


Wind-affected snow in O’Malley Gully (barely visible large cornice above the gully along ridge):Omalley gully wind

First snowpit on the West Face of False Peak, 4010′, 229* SW aspect, 36* slope, 98+cm HS, ECTP 13 SC & CTM 16 RP @ 60cm (38cm from surface) 4F facets below thin decomposing crust:False pit 1 False pit 1 slabScreen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.21.28 PM
Second snowpit on the West Face of False Peak just below the summit, 4165′, 269* W aspect, 33* slope, 146cm HS, ECTX, 17cm fresh snow:False pit 2 False pit 2 downScreen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.22.32 PM