February 12, 2017


North Fork Eagle River:

Obvious signs of instability (red flags):

  • Recent, small (D1), natural soft slab and loose snow avalanches
  • Subtle collapsing (whumphing) on basal facets and depth hoar between 3000-3500′
  • Active wind loading


  • Partly sunny in the morning becoming overcast with lowering clouds and flurries by afternoon
  • Moderate SE wind
  • Alpine temps in the single digits

Surface conditions:

  • Generally 4″ of loose, dry snow (increasingly wind affected and “slabby” at upper elevations)


Snowpit: ~4000′, N aspect, ~35* slope, ECTP15SC at ground on basal facets and depth hoar, ECTX (see video for details on test results)

Front Range:

Numerous small human triggered wind slabs reported in the Glen Alps area.  Snowpits still showing failure with propagation propensity at ground on basal facets and depth hoar.