February 15, 2017


Eklutna Canyon:

Easy walking through the canyon, with a well-packed trail through the deep snow.  Beware of unstable ice under the snow: a few ice-snow bridges have collapsed near the packed trail, and we punched through a couple thin spots (luckily it was shallow).  It may be time to redirect the trail in areas…

Mad Dog has fattened up, but the lower curtains are thin to non-existent.  It would be a difficult to protect lead.

Ripple was FAT and blue with plastic, hero ice.  The lower curtain had a small wet spot in the center, and there was some wetness under the snow in places, but the ropes stayed relatively dry.

Annie Greensprings is also now FAT.  Ice was drier than Ripple, but not very brittle.  Great climbing.