February 25, 2017


Front Range:

Obvious signs of instability (red flags):

  • Very small, recent natural wind slab avalanche on cross loaded terrain feature
  • Active wind loading observed for a short period of time in the morning


  • Mostly sunny skies in the morning becoming overcast by early afternoon, and then partly sunny by late afternoon
  • Alpine temps in the 20s with generally calm wind, but a short period of moderate NW wind in the morning pluming snow off ridges and peaks

Surface conditions:

  • Impressive overnight surface hoar growth within the new precipitation particles in the Rabbit Creek valley
  • In general, a few inches of fresh snow on top of a supportable, carve-able windboard


North Suicide snowpit: ~3900′, W aspect, ~35* slope, ECTX

Moderate to hard shears ~1′ down in handpits, and snow unreactive to ski cuts and vigorous stomping while on belay, at ~4800′ on northerly aspect.  Medium volume, medium speed human triggered sluffing on steep northerly terrain.  Very small “slabs” popped out by second skier between existing turns in one area on steep northerly terrain.