February 6, 2016


South Fork Eagle River

Red flags (obvious signs of instability):

  • Recent natural avalanches (wind slabs and persistent slabs stressed form recent wind loading)
  • Whumphing (collapsing) in isolated areas with recently formed, thick, hard wind slab
  • Blowing snow and ongoing wind loading of leeward terrain (primarily W to N aspects)


  • Partly cloudy with temps in the upper teens and moderate SE wind

Surface conditions:

  • Widespread, variably wind-affected snow above treeline (supportable wind slab, breakable wind slab, sastrugi)


Recent natural avalanche French Bowl:French Bowl natural map notes French Bowl natural

Recent natural avalanche Two Bowls:2 Bowls natural map and notes 2 Bowls natural

Recent natural avalanche Pk 4641: 4641 natural map notes4641 natural 1 4641 natural 2

AvaTech profiles above Symphony Lake:4400 avatech 1 4400 avatech 2