January 18, 2016


Eagle River – Falling Water

Red flags:

  • None observed


  • Partly cloudy becoming mostly cloudy by mid afternoon
  • Temps in the upper 20s
  • Light SE wind


  • Snowpack, for the most part, exists only on typically leeward terrain (westerly, northerly, cross-loaded) where it is variable ranging from boilerplate wind slab (generally areas with deeper snowpack) to soft and only somewhat supportable wind slab (generally areas with thinner snowpack).
  • Typically windward terrain is scoured with less than a few inches of coverage from last week’s snow that came with light wind.
  • A few inches of moist, soft snow exist in protected areas.  Thin, soft wind slab has developed in more exposed, upper elevation areas.
  • Multiple old, hard D2 wind slab avalanches westerly aspect 3000-3500′.  Most seemed to have released at apex of convexity in heavily loaded area on older, faceted wind slab layer.
  • Handpits and snowpit on northerly terrain 3500-4500′ revealed similar situation as observed in several areas of South Fork late last week: layers of generally well-bonded wind slab that are increasingly faceted towards the ground.
  • Snowpit: 3824′, NE (36*) aspect, 34* slope, 80cm HS, ECTX:Falling Water snowpit 1:18:16