January 2, 2015

Observations – Canyon Road – Peaks 3 & 4

Obvious signs of instability:

  • Modest human triggered loose snow avalanches (sluffing) in steep, upper elevation terrain


  • Clear skies, calm wind with a light breeze at times, temps in the low teens

Surface conditions:

  • Very thin rime crust capping ~6″ of light, dry powder


A localized area of more prominent rime on the way up Peak 3:3 rime

Peak 3 snowpit where the “face” transitions to the “gully” (dug in an area of average depth; good coverage and depth up high):3 pit top 3 pit close


down 3 pit Peak 3 1:2:15

Peak 3.5 in the sun:3

Peak 4 in the sun:4 fresh

Peak 4 snowpit (location close to 12/19/14 snowpit with reactive buried surface hoar) showing compressed and relatively unreactive buried surface hoar, but new layers of concern:b 4 pit 4 pit ridge Peak 4 1:2:15

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