March 17, 2016


South Fork Eagle River

Red flags (obvious signs of instability):

  • Small, human-triggered wind slab avalanche on an upper elevation cross-loaded feature (SS-ASc-R1-D1.5-I, West aspect, ~4700′, ran ~800′)FullSizeRender-49 FullSizeRender-46
  • Several “whumphs” (collapses) while traveling along the ridge between Harp and Lynx from the heavily loaded lee side (North to East aspects, and cross-loaded West aspects)


  • Alpine temps in the 20s with light westerly breeze and cloudy skies with passing snow showers becoming sunny by late afternoon

Surface conditions:

  • Generally 4-5″ low density fresh snow, more on leeward and cross-loaded features (up to several feet – see pole photo below)FullSizeRender-47
  • Fresh snow on south to west aspects becoming heavy and gloppy below 3500′ by late afternoon


2 Bowls snowpit:

  • 4322′, 228* SW aspect, 35* slope
  • 146cm height of snow, 12cm new snow
  • ECTP18 resistant planar down 15cm on facets below old snow surface (melt-freeze crust)
  • ECTP34 sudden planar down 72cm on 4F+ facet layer between 1F+ wind-packed layers (beyond standard test parameters but an interesting result from 4 harder hits)FullSizeRender-45

Lynx snowpit:

  • 4395′, 277* W aspects, 28* slope
  • 178cm height of snow, 9cm new snow (settled from sun by early evening)
  • ECTXIMG_5290

Clouds breaking and snow showers ending:IMG_5291

Sunny by late afternoon:FullSizeRender-48