November 19, 2016


Turnagain Arm:

We skied Penguin from the false summit at ~4100′ WSW aspect.  It was sunny and cold with very light wind.  Snowpack ranged from nothing to 100+cm on leeward, upper elevation terrain.  Some subtle cracking and small wind slabs were reactive on leeward terrain near ridge line.  The powder was dry and light.  We skied from ~4100′ to ~3000′, although the snowpack was significantly thinner and more variable below ~3500′.  We hiked in shoes with cleats up to ~3000′, and skinned from there.  The terrain trap, avalanche gully approach on the summer trail was basically snow free and icy; no avalanches have come down it yet.

img_8566 img_8564

Arctic Valley:

Blankets of large (1-1.5 cm) surface hoar crystals on SW-W aspects in Arctic Valley yesterday. Pockets of pretty hard wind-affected snow on N aspect of RV Peak.