November 27, 2016


Eklutna Canyon:

The river is frozen pretty solid past the confluence with Thunderbird Creek.  The old, downed tree that had provided a bridge across Thunderbird in seasons past has collapsed into the creek and is submerged.  Crossing Thunderbird was easy with solid ice, but a bit wet with overflow that increased throughout the day.

The climbs are thin: Ripple has plenty of ice to climb but is practically bare between the first and second steep steps with the first curtain only partially formed.  Boonesfarm is thin and the ice hasn’t creeped that far down the drainage yet; it’s bare between the first and second steep steps and the “crux” upper steep step is so thin that rocks are easily hit if swinging hard, and hard swings might also bust loose what little ice there is.  Greensteps appeared practically non-existent.  TJ Swann is coming in, but would currently be a very committing and spicy lead.

Ripple & Boonesfarm: